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Chris Tarpening

Chris Tarpening

Palm Desert, CA



My passion is nature. I love being out and about and capturing the memories of a beautiful moment in time. They say a picture tells a thousand words. I believe a capture of a moment tells a memory of beauty which is often missed by the many in the fast paced parts of this planet. While everyone is at work from sun-up to sun-down some of the beautiful things happen in that time frame.
By day I'm a News Photographer Capturing events as they happen and telling the stories of impact. But when I am out and about I like to take in the surroundings and see the nature in everything. When the sun rises and when the sun sets these I love to see what mother nature has in store. Usually if there are clouds about where I'm living in the desert at Sunset or Sunrise there is surely to be a spectacular blend of colors. Sometimes depending the time of year the color schemes change which is fascinating. So I capture my photos because I believe it's a beautiful moment in time.
I have been behind a camera in one way or another since my childhood days but have been professionally behind the lens for about 15 years. There is still a lot I'm learning on a daily basis but just love being able to capture the moments and share.
Thank you for stopping by and looking at my work. Please comment I'm always looking for constructive criticism or others thoughts on what they see. Everyone's eyes are different.
I just love what there is to see on this planet of ours and you'll find I'm more into landscapes but as I get better and learn from as many as I can I hope to develop into Photography everyone enjoys to have on their walls.


Palm Springs by Chris Tarpening


Green River by Chris Tarpening


Indio Fair Grounds by Chris Tarpening


Light of the Ride by Chris Tarpening


Rest by Chris Tarpening


Bridge over Water by Chris Tarpening


On the Bank by Chris Tarpening


Valley of Snow by Chris Tarpening


Cascade by Chris Tarpening


Out by the Lake by Chris Tarpening


Rainbow in the Plains by Chris Tarpening


Desert Sunrise by Chris Tarpening


Good Morning Laramie by Chris Tarpening


Sunrise in the Forest by Chris Tarpening


Seasons Change by Chris Tarpening


The Long Road Home by Chris Tarpening


Green River Rapids by Chris Tarpening


Echo Reservoir Utah by Chris Tarpening


Spiny Snow Balls by Chris Tarpening


Orange Sky by Chris Tarpening


Hello There by Chris Tarpening


Paint by Chris Tarpening